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These 6 video games that we absolutely want to see adapted into anime


For several decades now, the video game industry has steadily grown in popularity, so many see it as the future in the entertainment industry. Because video games not only offer a unique experience not necessarily found elsewhere, but they also allow players to enter and interact with worlds more different from each other, and this in a way that was not possible before. And over the past ten years, stories in video games have become increasingly complex, with intrigues ever more captivating and innovative. But video games have also allowed fans to immerse themselves in franchises recognised, and this is how many manga and anime have been the subject adaptation in video games. However, the reverse is not necessarily common, and that is a shame. Because there are indeed some video games whose stories deserve a anime adaptation. Here, then, is a selection of several games, the animated adaptation of which could potentially sublimate, or even surpass, the original material.

1) Guilty Gear

For fans of fighting games, this choice then seems obvious. This series of games developed by Arc System Works and whose first opus was released in 1998 on the PlayStationstood out from its competitors thanks to its own visual style and the design of its characters, heavily inspired by Japanese animation. And for those who see this as just another fighting game, think again! Because Guilty Gear transports us to a world where humans have found a way to infuse humans with magic, creating beings known as Gears. And as the games came out, the series has put a lot of effort into building its world and story. An anime adaptation would then be perfect, in the sense that it could transcribe the rich heritage of the series, while providing additional context to the events of the story. Franchise Guilty Gear thus has a real potential to be adapted into an anime, with a visual style that already lends itself to itallowing potential fans to discover this universe.


At the time of the PlayStation 3, the video game inFAMOUS was the main reason why a lot of gamers chose to buy the Sony console over its competitors. Developed by Sucker Punch and released in 2019, the game tells us the story of Cole MacGrath, a man who wakes up in the city of Empire City, after it has been devastated by a terrible explosion. Cole will manage to survive the explosion, and will then be endowed with electric superpowers. The latter will then try to keep his friends and loved ones safe in a quarantined city where crime is exploding. An anime adaptation would then be quite relevant, especially in view of the success that superheroes have met in recent years. Especially since Cole is an interesting protagonist, which deserves to be explored in greater depth. But what would be all the more interesting to tell in an original story is precisely the duality of its story, especially when we know that some parts of the plot have yet to be fully explored.

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3) Drakengard

The game series Drakengard and Deny by Yoko Taro are among the most ambitious stories told in video games. This is probably why the two series have already been the subject of many very diverse adaptations., whether in mangas, novels and even plays. Moreover, fantasy being a very popular genre in Japanese animation, there is no doubt that it would meet its audience. However, we learned earlier this year that the latest title in the series, NieR: Automata, was going to get an anime adaptationa first trailer having already been shared. Drakengard having planted the foundations of the universe of Denywe can hope that the success of this first adaptation will pave the way for its predecessors.

4) Code Vein

As Guilty Gearthis choice may seem obvious, because when it was released in 2010, the game was quickly qualified of “Souls-like in anime version”. But if the visual style is already strongly reminiscent of the world of anime, the story is not left out either. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world filled with vampires and other far more terrifying creatures. We then find a fairly varied bestiary, as well as many characters, from whom we can learn their motivations and their stories. If the game did not meet the expectations of the players, certain elements of the plot and the apocalyptic setting in which it is set had potential. Moreover, Code Vein was inspired by its predecessor God Eater 3 on certain aspects, in particular the animation, a series of games that had an animated adaptation in 2015 by the ufotable studioknown for his famous adaptation of Demon Slayer.

5) God of War

It can hardly be denied that god of war is one of the most beloved franchises in the video game industry. Following the demigod Kratos, the first installments of the series are set in ancient Greece and follow the protagonist on his quest for revenge. against the gods of his country. And while early games were action-oriented experiences, games god of war became more complex over the years as his world opened up. And the 2018 title was a critically acclaimed hit, as much for its history as for its gameplay. And if there’s one thing anime fans love, it’s epic battles. An adaptation of god of war in anime would then have the potential to fulfill this desire, appealing to the most powerful gods of mythology. An interesting aspect would also be to explore the Kratos of the first generations in a more personal way. Originally, Kratos is a character fueled by his hatred of the gods after they goaded him into killing his family. An anime adaptation would be able to give the character some depth, while shedding light on the origins of its early versions.

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6) Kingdom Hearts

This series of action-RPG video games developed by Square Enix is ​​known for being the fusion of the Disney universes and that of Final Fantasy, meeting in a parallel universe created especially for the series. The series mainly revolves around Sora, the main character, and the search for his friends, leading him to have all kinds of encounters with Disney characters and Final Fantasy through different worlds. Building on its success, several manga based on the story of the different Kingdom Hearts have already been published, as well as light novels, making an anime adaptation even easier. Already at the time, the game Kingdom Hearts 2 had distinguished itself by its incredible cutscenes. An anime adaptation of Kingdom Hearts could then be the opportunity to bring a new innovative use of 3D in animationespecially with the number of existing worlds, thus allowing artistic freedoms in the design of each. Kingdom Hearts remains a series that rocked the youth of many players, and would certainly find its audience today, especially with the cast of characters she has at her disposal.

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