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Three years later, HomeKit routers are still rare


It was during WWDC 2019, almost three years ago, that Apple presented the novelty for HomeKit: Wi-Fi routers could now be integrated into the manufacturer’s home automation platform. By adding the device to the Home app, an additional layer of security could be added to isolate each home automation device in its own “bubble” and thus avoid contaminating the rest of the network if it were compromised. A good idea… which never really came to fruition.

Craig Federighi on stage at WWDC 2019, to introduce the new feature.

Three years later, the list of compatible routers has never exceeded Apple’s two initial partners, namely Linksys and eero. And again, only on a few rare models from each manufacturer: the Velop triple-band mesh routers for the first and the second seem to have abandoned the solution. The manufacturer which belongs to Amazon indeed notes on this page that the new models eero Pro 6E and eero 6+ which have just been announced are not compatible with this functionality and will not be.

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Add to this meager compatibility list the lack of commitment from Apple, which has not touched the function since its announcement in June 2019, and you have a novelty for HomeKit that seems to have already been abandoned. However, the site HomeKit News note that a new model could be added to the list, and it is not produced by the two manufacturers initially announced by Apple. It is indeed the AmpliFi Alien, a router intended for the general public designed by Ubiquiti, a brand which is aimed more at professionals.

HomeKit compatibility is not yet official, it is the beta of the iOS app associated with the router which announces it in the list of new features of its latest update. And again, this is also a beta version of the firmware of the router, nothing says that the finalized versions will always offer this function. But if this is the case, it may be a sign of renewed interest in its favor. We can always hope…

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