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Ukraine: in Borodianka, the difficulty of extracting the corpses


The town of Borodianka, north of kyiv in Ukraine, has also suffered the passage of Russian forces. Corpses are discovered all over the city, and almost all the inhabitants have fled. On the spot, the locals go in search of the bodies to bury them “with honors”.


After Boutcha, the Borodyanka massacre also shocks the world, and it is perhaps even worse according to President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Prosecutor General. In this city about fifty kilometers north of the capital of Ukraine, firefighters are still trying, ten days after the withdrawal of the Russians, to extract the corpses from the debris.

The difficulty of extracting the bodies

In a building cut in two by an airstrike, with each rubble removed, there is the horror of falling on a human remains. A body is also in the gutted building. He has been there for several days, but it is impossible to extract him as Igor, the deputy fire chief, explains.

“The particularity of this building is like a house of cards. When you remove the rubble, it can lead to the destruction of the whole building”, he underlines. The deputy fire chief continues: “We take risks, it’s true, but people deserve to be buried with honors.”

Indiscriminate shooting during the Russian occupation

The inhabitants of Borodianka were first targeted by airstrikes. They went down into the cellars, but they couldn’t come out for 38 days. Russian tanks have succeeded each other daily in this city which is on the road to kyiv. As the mayor tells it, there were, at each passage, blind shootings.

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“Borodianka was heavily bombarded. When the tank columns passed through the city, the soldiers positioned above fired left and right at anything that moved,” he said at the microphone of Europe 1. He continues on the discovery of the corpses: “We come out of the bodies every day. Yesterday (Thursday), we found eight, the day before yesterday (Wednesday) 16, and there are still some in the rubble”.

There are only a few hundred inhabitants left in the city

On the spot, we hear the anger of the inhabitants against this war which has burst into their daily lives. Antonina’s daughter, whose store was shattered by a shell, recounts the damage. It’s been a week since she comes to collect everything that can be. “What could we have done to the Russians to make them do all this here?” she wonders. “There was never a military base in Borodianka. There is nothing at all, so why did they do so much damage? God will judge them,” Antonina says.

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Before the war, the city had 13,000 inhabitants. There are now only a few hundred left. Some of course managed to flee, but every day bodies are pulled out of the debris. The morgues of the region are full, so that the corpses must be evacuated to a hundred kilometers.

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