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Ukraine: Mariupol schoolchildren deprived of vacation to catch up with the Russian program


According to a Ukrainian official from the city of Mariupol, the Russian forces who took control of this city decided to suppress the summer school holidays of the children still present there. Objective, catch up on lessons (in Russian) to allow children to start the official Russian program from the start of the next school year.

Russian forces that took control of Mariupol have decided to scrap summer school vacations to prepare students for the Russian curriculum, a Ukrainian city official said Thursday. According to Petro Andriouchchenko, adviser to the mayor of this port where the last Ukrainian fighters have gone in recent days, “the occupiers have announced the extension of the school year until September 1.”

“All summer, the children will have lessons in Russian language and literature, Russian history and mathematics lessons in Russian.” “The main goal is de-Ukrainization and preparation for the new school year according to the Russian curriculum,” he said.

Not enough teachers

However, he added that the Russian “occupiers” had so far failed to find enough teachers, “only 53 teachers for nine schools”, according to him. He did not specify how many students were affected.

After nearly three months of siege which devastated this city, a pre-war stronghold of half a million inhabitants, the Russian forces obtained on May 20 that the fighters who were still resisting them in the immense Azovtsal steelworks lay down the weapons. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, some 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov regiment, which Moscow describes as “Nazis”, have surrendered, figures not confirmed by kyiv.

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