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Ukraine: the kyiv region affected, the Donbass under Russian threat


The war in Ukraine continues with the invasion of Russian forces. In the kyiv region, it is time to take stock and discover the damage after the enemy attacks. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s forces are preparing for the second phase of the offensive in the Donbass.

In Ukraine, it is still time to take stock. Several towns that have lived under Russian occupation for a month have yet to be inspected. Thus, again this weekend, bodies in cars crushed by tanks were found about thirty kilometers west of kyiv.

In all, 5,600 war crimes investigations have been opened. So, beyond the dead, the survivors report scenes of collective humiliation, as if the Russians had wanted to show their superiority. This is the reason why the Ukrainian authorities today use the term genocide to qualify the massacres committed by the Russian army in the Boutcha region.

A tough battle ahead

The war is not over. Further east now, the Russian army is preparing to launch its second phase in the Donbass. When will it start? Intelligence services estimate that it is now a matter of hours. Over the past two days, the army has consolidated its positions in the east.

New trenches were dug, roadsides were mined and anti-tank obstacles were positioned on strategic axes. Everyone here expects a very tough battle, because Vladimir Putin needs a military victory.

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But the Ukrainians are galvanized after the withdrawal of the Russians from the north of the country. Some even believe that the Ukrainian army is able to push the invader out of the country.

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