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United Kingdom: the British divided over the exorbitant cost of the funeral of Elizabeth II


35 million euros is what should cost the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. A pharaonic sum while many Britons are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis, inflation or even the increase in gas and electricity prices. Europe 1 went to meet them.

In the United Kingdom, the cost of the funeral of Elizabeth II, in the midst of an economic crisis, divides the British. Mourning and meditation continue after the Queen’s death. Friday evening was held the traditional vigil of the princes. The queen’s children gathered in front of the coffin for about fifteen minutes. The funeral will take place on Monday. They are estimated at 35 million euros. An exorbitant sum for the working classes who bear the full brunt of inflation.

“It’s ridiculous”

Wide-eyed, Marie, in pink flip-flops and a yellow T-shirt, is left speechless upon hearing the news. The Queen’s funeral will cost tens of millions of euros. Inconceivable for the young woman who lives in Barking, a poor area in west London. “Of course a death is tragic, but hey, some people can’t even afford dinner, so all that money spent…”

A little further on, Linda bites into a ham sandwich, her three-month-old daughter beside her, in a stroller. This hostess only earns €1,200 per month. So these pharaonic expenses sound like an insult. “I think it’s ridiculous to spend all this money on someone who died. Of course it’s sad, but it’s also sad to see people who are poor, dying or sick. I have to live with my mother. It doesn’t matter what I earn per month, I survive, I don’t live,” she protests.

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“This money could have been spent on making electricity cheaper”

A feeling of injustice shared by Ali. With the economic crisis shaking England, he imagined a more sober funeral. Violent inflation has brought this rug salesman to his knees. “I’m struggling to pay my gas and electricity bill, which is ten times more expensive than usual. This money could have been spent on making electricity cheaper. It’s not fair “, he regrets. And Ali specifies it, the day of the funeral, for him, will not be a holiday. “Impossible to lose a day’s work”, justifies the seller.

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