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Video games: the rest of this cult license will be announced in the coming days


As is the case with cinema, the video game full of cult licenses well known to players. Some of them seem immortal, while others have apparently disappeared from the radar. But among the latter, one could very soon be talked about again thanks to a brand new game!

A cult license created by a strong Sony studio

When we talk about ultra-popular cult licenses in the video game industry today, many names can come to mind: from call of duty at Fifa Passing by Assassin’s Creed, far cry Where Uncharted, There is something for every taste. Moreover, the last example cited has not had the right to a new opus since 2017.

Naughty Dog, the studio behind this latest saga or the Last of Usis one of the pillars of Playstation. If since the days of the PS3 and then the PS4, Ellie and Joël (The Last of Us) or Nathan Drake (Uncharted) are among the figureheads of the manufacturer and are real selling points for Sony consoles, their big sisters were also proudly represented by characters created by Naughty Dog.

On PS2 it was Jak and Daxter while on PS1, Crash Bandicoot was Playstation’s real mascot, created for the purpose of competition Mario (Nintendo) and Sonic (Sega). If the little bandicoot has since been at the heart of many projects outside the Playstation sphere, it has somewhat fallen into oblivion. But he could well be back very soon, in a totally unexpected game!

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Crash Bandicoot back…for the worse?

sunk into oblivion, Crash Bandicoot was talked about again in 2017 through the magnificent remake of the three original episodes, the N’Sane Trilogy. Another remake two years later with Crash Team racing Nitro-Fueled, then came out a completely new game, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Timein 2020. Behind this last title, the Toys for Bob studio, which we now thought was totally dedicated to supporting Call of Duty: Warzone. But it looks like the studio has more than one trick up its sleeve, since according to insider Jez Corden in the podcast’s latest issue Windows Central (via comic book), this one would currently work on a new opus of the license.

I think we might see a new Crash Bandicoot, and not only will it be a new Crash Bandicoot, but it’s going to be a multiplayer Crash Bandicoot… It’s almost like a four player brawler Jez Corden

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If nothing is certain, it is interesting to note that this description could match the description of the game Crash-Bash (2000) a multiplayer oriented party game allowing four friends to compete simultaneously through several mini-games, and of which some rumors concerning a possible remake ran a few months ago. If Jez Corden out loud it “will not have[t] shouldn’t have said that”he still seems sure of his information, especially since his colleague, also present in the podcast, maintains for his part that the game developed by Toys for Bob on behalf of Activision-Blizzard could be presented very soon, during the Xbox / Bethesda conference on June 12, 2022 at the Summer Game Fest.

If this were to be confirmed, it would be a very big surprise, which we hope will be good: apart from crash team racing, the few times the bandicoot has moved away from the platform game genre, the recipe hasn’t really caught on. Hopefully we will see more clearly if the rumor were to be confirmed this weekend!

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