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War in Ukraine: the Kremlin rejects any progress in the negotiations


Talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations in Istanbul on Tuesday did not yield anything “very promising” or “breakthrough”, the Kremlin said on Wednesday, dampening hopes of decisive progress in the negotiations.

Reverse of Moscow. A semblance of progress was however profiled Tuesday in the Russian declarations after the talks in Istanbul. The Kremlin finally concluded that negotiations to resolve the conflict in Ukraine did not yield anything “very promising” or any “breakthrough”.

While Moscow had announced a drastic reduction in military activity in the area of ​​kyiv, on the ground Russia continued its bombardments of the city of Chernihiv. “The situation is not changing,” said the governor of the Chernigov region on Wednesday morning. In the city, the inhabitants remain without water, without electricity and communications are cut.

Irpin liberated from the Russians

“The enemy demonstrated their reduced activity in the Chernigov region by hitting the city of Nijyn, in particular with air strikes. They fired on the city of Chernihiv all night long. Civilian infrastructures, libraries and centers trade were destroyed again,” said regional governor Viatcheslav Chaus.

Moscow had nevertheless undertaken to reduce the bombardments, as in kyiv. But in the northwest of the capital in Irpin for example, freed from the Russians, the situation remains dangerous. “Irpin is controlled by our army, but Irpin is dangerous. We are under constant fire from mortars, long-range artillery, tanks and machine guns”, told the mayor of the city at the microphone of Europe 1 .

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The mayor has called on residents of Irpin who have fled in recent days not to return to the city for the time being. 200 inhabitants have died there since the beginning of the conflict.

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