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War in Ukraine: what you need to know on the 25th day of the Russian invasion


On the 25th day of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to the Israeli Parliament this Sunday, March 20 by videoconference. He compared the situation in Ukraine with the final solution, which took place during the Second World War, and called for more support, especially military.


Ukraine, through the voice of Volodymyr Zelensky, continues to address countries that have not taken a position. He spoke by videoconference before the Israeli Parliament and called on Israel to make “a choice” by comparing the war in Ukraine and the Holocaust. “Listen to what we hear today from Moscow. Listen to how we use the same dead, the final solution, but this time with regard to the Ukrainian question. They say that without the war against us, they would not have could not ensure the final solution of their security, as was said 80 years ago”, expressed the President of Ukraine. He thus hopes to obtain concrete military support from Israel.

Ukraine calls on China ‘to condemn Russian barbarism’

Ukraine on Saturday called on China, Moscow’s strategic ally, to “condemn Russian barbarism” after new strikes – including with a new hypersonic missile touted by Vladimir Putin – which left dozens dead. For his part, President Zelensky urged China, Moscow’s strategic ally, to take a stand in this conflict. This Sunday, Russia said it again used hypersonic missiles in Ukraine.

Russia says it used hypersonic missiles again

Russia claimed on Sunday, for the second day in a row, that it used hypersonic missiles in Ukraine, this time to destroy a Ukrainian army fuel reserve in the south of the country. “A large reserve of fuel was destroyed by ‘Kalibr’ cruise missiles fired from the Caspian Sea, as well as by hypersonic ballistic missiles fired by the ‘Kinjal’ aeronautical system from the airspace of Crimea,” said the Department of Defense in a statement.

1,400 airstrikes

The sirens sounded on Saturday evening in kyiv, according to social networks, and the Russian air raids followed one another at a rapid pace during the day on Mykolaiv, a city in southern Ukraine where dozens of soldiers were killed. the day before in a strike against an army barracks, local governor Vitaliy Kim said on social networks.

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He did not provide details on the extent of the damage or the number of possible victims. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Russian troops, whose progress on the ground has been much more difficult than expected in the face of fierce Ukrainian resistance, have carried out 291 missile strikes and 1,403 air raids since the start of the invasion. February 24.

Zelensky urges China to take a stand

Faced with the continuation of the deadly bombings, and the dragging negotiations, President Zelensky urged China, a strategic ally of Moscow, a permanent member of the UN Security Council and one of the great absentees, with India , from the chorus of condemnations and sanctions that fell on Moscow, to take a stand.

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“China can be an important part of the global security system if it makes the right decision to support the coalition of civilized countries and condemn Russian barbarism,” tweeted Mykhaïlo Podoliak, an adviser to Mr. Zelensky and one of the participants in the meetings. negotiations with Russia.

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