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Why the Apple Studio Display could no longer find its firmware update


Someone at Apple obviously forgot that the new Studio Display works with iOS… Last Friday, owners of this screen, which they had just received, realized that it was impossible for them to upgrade it to version 15.4.

The Apple Display Studio during its firmware update

An update which had however applied until then without problem since the marketing of the device (read Apple Display Studio: an update for Boot Camp and a step-by-step in the event of a problem).

An error message warned the user that the firmware update could not be completed, that they had to try again one hour later, otherwise contact the after-sales service. And these customers to be lost in conjectures on the reasons for this malfunction: was it their Mac, the version of macOS on their Mac? Etc.

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The reason was actually much simpler and synonymous with a lack of coordination at Apple. The latter, the day before the appearance of this error message, had stopped signing version 15.4 of iOS.

Shortly before, iOS 15.4.1 arrived with an important security patch. In the process, Apple had stopped signing iOS 15.4, thus preventing any possibility of installing or reinstalling this version, in favor of 15.4.1. Except that 15.4.1 is not (yet?) distributed for the Studio Display. From then on the screen was stuck to recover its 15.4.

Apple finally discovered its dumpling and the iOS 15.4 firmware was again sign and he found the way of the Display Studio who demanded their update.

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