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With iPadOS 16 and the M1 chip, Apple has finally made my 2018 iPad Pro old fashioned


Pomme d’avis is the section in which MacGeneration’s editorial staff shares its point of view on Apple news. The new features announced at WWDC 2022 made Mickaël reconsider the skill of his iPad Pro 2018. He is certainly not the only one eyeing an iPad M1 now…

Between me and my trusty 2018 iPad Pro, something snapped on June 6th. On the evening of the WWDC keynote, Apple drew a very clear line in the sand: apart from the M1 chip, no salvation! iPad models that aren’t lucky enough to work with the Mac chip will be content with the bare minimum of new features in iPadOS 16. And it’s not going to get any better.

I love my 2018 iPad Pro. This large 12.9″ format with its A12X chip has never failed me, whether it’s for gaming, reading stuff or working (I still have one caveat autonomy, but after four years of good and loyal service…) The 2020 version did not deter me from my tablet, despite a revised and slightly increased chip (an A12Z chip with an additional graphics core) and a better equipped photo block – but for what? – with its Lidar and a second ultra-wide-angle photo sensor.

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And again with the iPad Pro released the following year, the one with its M1 chip. What’s the point of putting such a motor when the A12X chip, and a fortiori its A12Z version, show no signs of fatigue? Our review at the time rightly highlighted the difference between the tablet’s cutting-edge hardware and software struggling to take advantage of it. Hop, here is a new reprieve for my iPad Pro always on good foot good eye!

What happens if I touch this thing

But here it is, so it happens keynote disastrous which makes my iPad Pro take a little old look. The best functions of iPadOS 16, the most “pro” in fact, are reserved for tablets equipped with an M1 chip, starting with Stage Manager, undeniably the star of the day. The new window manager, which finally gives tablets a “real” multitasking, is not very intuitive and the first beta does not help.

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