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Zoom has its own Animojis and manages Sign in with Apple


News galore for Zoom, the videoconferencing service that has become essential for many in recent years. Version 5.10, which has just been released on desktop and mobile, brings a feature at least as essential as end-to-end encryption: avatars. These avatars are virtual characters that mimic your movements and facial expressions. It is neither more nor less than the equivalent of Apple’s Animojis, since all the first avatars are animals.

Crisis meeting on Zoom

To activate an avatar during a meeting with your boss or a client, start the video, then click on the small arrow next to the camera icon, click on “Choose a video filter…” and finally go to the Avatars section to choose your animal. There are cats, dogs, cows, a panda, a rabbit…

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In my MacBook Air M1 test, the avatars did replicate my facial expressions, but it wasn’t as advanced as the Animojis. It must be said that Zoom has to do with limited hardware, there is not the TrueDepth set like on iPhone or iPad Pro. Loading a new avatar takes a few seconds each time. Moreover, the avatars completely ignore the gestures made with the hands, they do not take off their arms from their bust.

It’s rude, but you can stick your tongue out.

Zoom has already announced that other avatars are planned, but we don’t know which ones. Batman? Mortal Adele? Tim Cook? We laugh a little, but the avatars can be used by those who do not want to show their faces while sharing their reactions despite everything.

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In a completely different area, Zoom now allows you to connect with the Connect with Apple service, which avoids having to fill in your email and create a password. In the arm’s length list of new features, we also note the possibility of streaming your video directly on Twitch (success guaranteed for accounting meetings), renaming of participants in the waiting room, support for SharePoint and Box as online storage services or even the sidebar which becomes customizable.

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